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You see the mountains and the tree's; Now What?

There are facts that need to be determined such as, 'will the house I want to build fit in the location'? Are there existing utilities or more importantly, what utilities are lacking.  If the septic system is needed, a soils test is needed to ensure whether or not it will perk. A system can still be designed for none perk areas, however can add a great deal of expense. If there is no water for the chosen location, then a Well might be the next option.

Is the property area flat or will it need extensive dirt work in order to achieve the proper pad; for example, on a mountainside. Is the location within a flood zone? Flood zones can be corrected during construction, however it can become costly. 

Does the area you want to build in have HOA that might dictate some elements or require minimum livable conditions. Are you allowed to have that RV garage or Guest house?


All property is buildable! But because there are so many factors to explore, we recommend selecting your builder as soon as possible. An experienced builder will be able to guide you through the various building challenges that you may experience as well as provide estimates for the corrections. These issues should all be explored while you are still in a due of diligence period of your contract so that you are not paying any out of pocket expenses should the property not be right for you and your project. 

Financing Land can be done with some lenders, while others will only do one-time loans which include the construction. Understanding your lenders will let you utilize the value to help fill the down payment requirements.

In Progress North Phoenix Custom
In Progress North Phoenix Custom