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Luxury Design Home Builder in Arizona

SHERLOCK HOMES, INC is a full service Design Build firm located in Arizona.

Sherlock Homes Inc. is a full-service Design Build team located in Phoenix, Arizona. From individual room design to full Custom Homes, the Sherlock Homes Team can help you turn your vision into reality! We provide free initial consultations with no obligations.

This is an update from my last post. It has been a year since we have moved into our new home and every morning it is like waking up to a dream come true. Friends and family love our new Sherlock home and the quality in all its detail. What I wanted to express was the unseen quality I recently discovered in this home. The methods and products used in the construction have saved us money. Last winter we only needed to turn the heat on three separate times because the temperature fell to 69 degrees. This summer, we would turn off our A/C at 3 PM after cooling it to 75 degrees, turn the A/C back on at around 8 PM. What was interesting was the house never got above 81 degrees. This was during Ar...


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