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Five stages of Construction

*When it comes to building your dream house, just remember patience is a virtue. There is no quick process in building and there is no standard timeframe any house would fit in. The size and complexity of the house may or may not extend the work in some of the stages of construction. The stages below discuss the process in which your house will undergo before you call it Home.*

Earth and Undergrounds

We grade and prepare the pad for construction.  At this time, we would grub or clear the land of plant life that needs to be relocated. If retaining walls are in order they maybe started.  Applications for utility’s will be requested or started depending on jurisdiction. 

Concrete will now install footers, and stem walls and the Civil engineers and project managers will provide the elevation and points for the inspector.  Under ground plumbing will be installed as well as sub floor materials for concrete such as rebar and abc.  If you are going to have any electrical floor plugs installed it must be done before stage one starts.

Frame and Rough-Ins

Once your concrete is done, we will start the framing.  In a very short period, you will see your walls go up and before you know; we will be dropping that truss package on the roof.  During this period, your project manager will arrange a walk through with you at your new house.   They will want to review your windows, doors as well as verify your electrical locations and door swings.  This simply gives us one more opportunity to make sure everything is perfect for you. 



Begins the installation of windows and exterior doors as well as roofing.  Depending on roof type the sheeting will be done, and the roof tiles loaded. If you have elected a foam roof the first coat will most likely be completed at this time as well. Your stucco team will apply the lath to the exterior of the house in order to prep for stucco.  

Drywall and Paint

We will hang your drywall. Once they have finished this process your stucco crew will come back and stucco your home.   While they are working on the exterior stuccos the drywall will be textured and sanded for paint.   We can then start interior paint.   Your cabinetry will get a final field measure at this time and be ordered.

Vista Montana


Exterior paint will be completed, cabinets and countertops will be installed. At this time, your plumber will return with your sinks and faucets.   The electrician will complete the trim packages and light fixtures you have selected. Although this does not include each and every step as each home has it unique list of specifications. Should you wish more simple ask.            


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