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The Design Process

Floor Layout

The first step in designing your dream home is laying out the floor plan. Where do you want the bedrooms? Where is the kitchen going to be? Do you want any specialties such as a wine cellar, Walk-in pantry, or even secret rooms unnoticed by the plain eye? 

There are many rough drafts during this step made by the designer as well as the clients. The floor plan is given to the clients for viewing to either add/change. This can be a back and forth process until the floor plan is up to the clients expectations which they will then sign off for approval and on to elevations it is! 


The next step in the design process is elevations which is what people will see on the outside. How many different rooflines are there? How many curves and corners are incorporated? Are there different levels to the house design and are they the same shape and size?

This is also an important factor if considering resale. 

This step will also have many drafts until it is ready to be signed off for approval by the clients. 


Lastly in the design process is Structural. This part of the designing creates the 'bones and muscle' of the house. Materials and member type, size, and configuration are all selected in order to ensure the house will be safely built and in a serviceable fashion. 

* To achieve a full set of plans, the length of time will depend on the size of the house you want and the complexity of it. A standard time frame for a house size of 3000 sq. ft. would typically fit into a 60-90 day period for example. Many clients can start to visualize their dream house, which can make for many revisions, add-ons, and changes, and can then extend the time frame in which the house is under design. However, some clients love the plans, make minor changes and sign off for approval and move more quickly through the design stage. *

I am ready to design my dream: what do I need?

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Each day we see things we love, so take a picture, cut it out of the magazine but start that scrape book of ideas. We love helping you achieve your design ideas and even looking for creative ways to bring that design in to your budget. Check out our projects for inspiration.